Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick Collection

While I was at CVS a week or so ago, I noticed Rimmel had come out with some lipsticks from Kate Moss. The display was quite small and I only saw a few color choices. Five, to be exact! In reality, there are supposed to be seven shades. The color I chose was shade 14, which is on the nude/taupe side. I always gravitate toward nude colors but this wasn't the average light, pinky nude. It's actually a tad bit darker. All in all, I'm enjoying it and it's pretty moisturizing. Not super moisturizing like the Revlon Lip Butters but not as dry as most lipsticks are. I actually want to try some of the other colors and step outside of my comfort zone. I hope you enjoy the swatches below. Please excuse my dry lips :(

Cute black, plastic lipstick with Kate's signature in red

Number 14 nude/taupe lipstick

Number 14 lipstick swatched with no flash

Number 14 lipstick swatched with flash

Number 14 lipstick on lips with flash
•Affordable (I believe it's $6-$7)
•No weird smell
•Small color range
•Most colors are too bright/bold, especially if you tend to wear nudes
•Lipstick seems to settle into lines of lips so make sure your lips are fairly moisturized
•Only sold at certain drug stores
•No names for lipsticks, just numbers
•Isn't long lasting


Imee said...

Thanks for reviewing this! I was really tempted to try I but now that I know they're not long wearing, I'll probly just skip it =)

Beauty on a College budget said...

I thought they were very long lasting, I also didn't have the creasing problem. But boy was it a drying lipstick!! I still love 14 and the other one I have in 1 red, I just wish they had more colors.

Hey could you vote for me to be the next Rimmel 10? I'm Megan M. All the infos on my blog!